A Guide to California

It is often said that California is, and behaves like, a country in its own right. It certainly has enough to satisfy any traveller: a breathtaking range of landscape, beaches sparkling with sun and surf, vibrant cities, fabulous collections of art and antiquities, first-rate wines, the fascinating legacies of the Gold Rush pioneers, and the ever-fresh legends of Hollywood. California has a unique take on the world, and this is reflected in its warm and hospitable welcome.

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colleen canavan 27 December, 2010

i want to say that i went to california by the guidance of your website and im going back there again tomorrow so thank you very much.

Dolph 27 December, 2010

I want to study in California.

sophie 28 December, 2010

the jonas brothers were on the advert + thats made my day ahhh i love them so much.

davion gordon 28 December, 2010

im interested in moving to california, how do i go about this and how do i find out about jobs there?

steve shea 30 December, 2010

hi,want lo move to L,A,for the summer,i am in collage doing automobile technology,would like to get work experience in a car sales garage {dealer}.thanks,,steve

Shaz 30 December, 2010

I lived in Southern CA for 16 yrs absolutely loved every second of it, since 2005 I moved to Glasgow Scotland & now in Manchester UK, each place has been a very good experience, butnothing beats CA.

Lara 1 January, 2011

I love California!!
and I'm coming to live there this year!! woohhoooooooo

Margaret and Tom Husband 2 January, 2011

We have a site about Northern California that might be of interest. It's www.california-travels.com and it's really just about the places that make California so special (not the usual tourist traps). Margaret is from the UK and Tom is a California native so we'll share a unique perspective.

Georgie Howe 2 January, 2011

LA looks so amazing in every magazine, tv advert and film i've ever seen and i want to see it for myself to get the full experience...i'd love to move out there, even for a short while :) x

Poppy Rogers. 5 January, 2011

Awsome dude.

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