A Guide to California

It is often said that California is, and behaves like, a country in its own right. It certainly has enough to satisfy any traveller: a breathtaking range of landscape, beaches sparkling with sun and surf, vibrant cities, fabulous collections of art and antiquities, first-rate wines, the fascinating legacies of the Gold Rush pioneers, and the ever-fresh legends of Hollywood. California has a unique take on the world, and this is reflected in its warm and hospitable welcome.

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shaheer khalid 28 January, 2012

i want to STUDY in california how is it poosible for me?

reply me at.shaheerkhld@gmail.com


tozza 11 February, 2012

I seriously adore California. i just cant wait till i am 18 so i can get money get over there for a few months hopefully get a little job over there.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I AM CRAZY OVER CA.

MarkyMark 11 February, 2012

I would just lie to put the makers of the advert about California on TV straight. The British do not think people from California are all "surfers” films stars” etc. We mainly think people from California are "Brain dead " shallow”, Fake”, “annoying”, “arrogant”, “loud”, “stupid” & “love guns”. Please amend your TV add accordingly. However i would like to add this is how the world mainly views Americans in general.

Lucy 9 April, 2012

I can't to leave UK where people treat each ova bad in the workplace. I hate the weather and everything here. But how do people treat British ex. pats in the LA workplace pls?

damian 19 December, 2012

who can bring me to california, i live in the netherlands, oude pekela de saborbinlohmanlaan 11 9665 cj

janet 26 December, 2012

We hate the advert which shows Sea World, the beautiful creatures which are kept in confined spaces and made to do stupid tricks. Not something to be proud of.

Janet Allbrighton 30 December, 2012

Iwould like to come for a holiday where would i stay and at what cost thanks.

torok szabolcs 6 January, 2013

I love the wheather....the music and the celebs that live there

ryan 7 January, 2013

I want to work hard and live in California x

Rich 24 January, 2013

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