A Guide to California

It is often said that California is, and behaves like, a country in its own right. It certainly has enough to satisfy any traveller: a breathtaking range of landscape, beaches sparkling with sun and surf, vibrant cities, fabulous collections of art and antiquities, first-rate wines, the fascinating legacies of the Gold Rush pioneers, and the ever-fresh legends of Hollywood. California has a unique take on the world, and this is reflected in its warm and hospitable welcome.

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jacqueline kenney 7 February, 2013

I would love to move to ca I would visit first . I'm a widow and v reserved don't have a clue how to go about this.

Cindy 17 June, 2013

Im moving into Calif on 2014 Jan 12th
but i'm visiting it at July 12th

Robert Steers 26 December, 2013

America has always seemed like one of the best places in the world.. and it really is! I want to travel there more and see a whole lot more, exploring California is definatly on my to-do list! I would love to study there and it would make my dreams come true if i could just live in such an outstanding state! Not so easy to do that though ;/ But i wont give up, and i'll always have hope!

Danielle 23 January, 2014

i loved california when i was a child i now live there i recommand it to anyone who wants to go.

Alyssa 9 February, 2014

I saw the amazing adverts I want to visit.;-)

Zack West 9 March, 2014

its not even funny how much i want to live there, i've been dreaming of it since i was like five

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